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Schecker Box für Barfer Die Überraschung für unsere Barfer. Die BARF-Box enthält viele leckere Snacks über die sich deine Fellnase sicher riesig freut. Ihr Hund hat Unverträglichkeiten? Dann werfen Sie doch bitte einen Blick in die Deklarationen.

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Joe Sherlock, Kid Detective Audio Collection , ...
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With unspeakable phobias, a need to sleep with three night-lights, and a horrible allergy to peanut butter, Joe Sherlock is not your typical neighborhood hero. But fear not, Joe Sherlock always cracks the case...and just in time for dinner. Case #000001: The Haunted ToolshedCakes vanishing into thin air? Mailboxes disappearing without a trace? Evil lurks in Mr. Asher's toolshed? Joe Sherlock must investigate the strange and unexplained events that are happening on Baker Street after dark. Even though a cold tingle of terror gallops down his spine like a herd of wild gophers, Joe is determined to solve the case and have his bundt cake, too. Case #000002: The Neighborhood StinkCan a goofy kid detective overcome a sudden and strong gag reflex? Will he stop stepping in the evidence? And will he solve the case in time for dinner? On a carpetlike lawn in a gated yard sit mysterious, smelly piles of dog poop. Mrs. Fefferland puts Joe Sherlock on the case to sniff out the culprit. But even Sherlock Holmes never encountered a case as baffling or stomach-churning as this. Case #000003: The Missing Monkey-Eye DiamondWhy has a ring with a diamond the size of a monkey's eye suddenly disappeared? Will it be found before the wedding party turns into an angry mob? Armed with only a box of Barf Blockers, a clip-on tie, and his extraordinary sleuthing skills, Joe Sherlock is in a race against time and a very sensitive stomach. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Fred Berman. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 30.10.2020
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